A Love Affair Between the Sun and Moon:

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The Numerology of 52

“Three things cannot hide for long: The moon, the sun, and the truth.” -Buddha


Have you ever stumble upon something profound and don’t even know it? Weeks, months, or years later there is a moment where it all “clicks.” Some call it an epiphany, a realization, a revelation. Others say it’s a spark of genius or channeling God. I often wonder if that is what happened to the great philosophers? According to Pythagoras; everything in the universe is part of a mathematical structure.

“Perhaps the most extraordinary system ever devised for marrying the heavenly cycles to earthly endeavors is the series of intermeshed calendars developed by the ancient Maya.”

By 900 AD they had modeled most of the visible solar system with just three cycles: the 365 days Haab, 260 Tzolkin, and the enigmatic 819-day cycle. The long count of the Mayan calendar is mesmerizingly accurate. Many ancient civilizations relied on their calendar to determine agricultural and spiritual practices.

Mayan priests and Oracles are known as “Day Keepers.” Such initiates utilized the calendar for divination and future predictions. The myth of the Sun and Moon arose upon my study of the Mayan Calendar.

Temples and altars dedicated to the Sun and Moon are grand, reflecting a relationship worthy of investigation. The Mayan calendar is nothing like any astrology practice.

To internalize the Mayan Cosmo Vision, I spiraled into the constellations of Pegasus.

After two years into my vision quest, the cosmos unraveled an answer. Upon expansion, the guardian angels gave me a signal. It was right in front of me the whole time. 52 was the key, the teachings of the Maya began to make sense.

20 Energy Signs of the Maya Cosmo Vision, 20x13=260 day Tzolkin cycle

Mayan Calendar — 20 Glyphs


The ancient cultures of America are very influenced by the number 52. Some think there are 52 states in the USA. Originally, I thought of asking the scientists at the top-secret facility of Area 52.

In Stargate Command the codename is Area 52; just in case you happen to find a bridge device that allows instantaneous travel across the cosmos. My mustang was in the shop awaiting new horseshoes. I summed my unicorn from the NGC52 Spiral Galaxy in the Pegasus Constellation.

The voice of Pegasus spoke upon flight; In order to progress, continue expansion in the body (the sun), the mind (the moon), and the spirit (the universal force).

Diving deeper into the meaning of this number, I found extraordinary results.

NC52 Spiral Galaxy


The numerology of 52 is introspection and expression of a personal sense of freedom. Fifty-two is the 6th Bell number and a decagonal number. It is an untouchable number since it is never the sum of proper divisors of any number.

In India, Guru’s denounce all belongings at the age of 52. There are 52 weeks in a year. The standard deck of playing cards (not including the joker) is 52. Oracle cards used for divination also have; yep you guessed it, 52 cards.

There are 52 white keys on a modern piano. Even the number of laps in the British Grand Prix until 2010 was 52. Historical years include 52 BC, 52 AD, 1052, and 1952. Not far from the Mesoamerican calendar count are future predictions of major changes around 2052.

Why is this number so interesting? I once saw the B-52’s music group perform live at the Montreal International Jazz Festival. “Love Shack” is one of their biggest hits. Were they were reading some occult books? Or drinking a lot of B52 shots?

52 Standard Deck of Playing Cards (13x4=52)


While on tour in my early years of playing music, I visited the Moog factory in Asheville North Carolina. Marveling over everything, I discovered this book called Quadrivium: The four classical liberal arts of Number, Geometry, Music, and Cosmology.

“All these liberal arts share a relationship with numbers. They are metaphysical truths, foreshadowing the physical sciences.”

What jumped out of this book were the Calendars. The Integrated Calendrical Solar System of the ancient Maya. 9 rotating cycles that resemble a grandfather clock. Is this the origin of the terms “on cloud 9,” or “my cat has 9 lives.”

Each cycle contains different measurements. Some moving clockwise and others counterclockwise. Intricate alignments show cycles within cycles. The Haab and Tzolkin measure the Sun and Moon rotations around the earth (365-day sun cycle, 260-day moon cycle).

It takes 73 tzolkins or 52 Haabs before these two calendars resynchronize.” Aaaahhhaaaa, there it is; the connection between the Sun and Moon (numerically speaking to be clear).

Discovering that 52 tied the sun and moon together, I searched for the root number. The answer took 13 moons.

Page 303 in the book: Quadrivium


According to the Maya Cosmo Vision, there are 13 upper worlds multiplied by 3 cycles of life; 26, 52, and 78.

13x2=26, 13x4=52, 13x6=78.

Angel number 52 helps you gain courage in hard life situations (midlife crises?).

The longest word in the English dictionary has 52 letters: Aequeosalinocalcalinoceraceoaluminosocupreovitriolic

DC comics have an interesting story with the number 52. “Things changed when a secret message from DC Publisher Dan DiDio was deciphered in Issue #37, confirming that despite the finality of Infinite Crisis, “the secret of fifty-two is that the Multiverse still exists.” The conclusion of 52 eventually revealed that not only was the Multiverse still real but that it now consisted of 52 parallel realities (revealing the true meaning of the series, beyond the number of weekly issues in the missing year).”

DC Comics issue #37 of Infinite Crisis


The shy moon is fascinated by the mighty sun. Her love for the sun grows despite him knowing.

One day she decides to reveal herself. The sun is filled with love upon the bright glow of the beautiful moon. Mother Moon is overwhelmed by his adoration and disappears from his sight. Father sun stays out a little longer during the summer months hoping to catch the magnificent glow of the shy moon.

At dawn, the moon comes out to see the sun over the horizon. She realizes the importance of each other’s harmonious positions, and thus, waning and waxing around her lover. Father sun sets down earlier during the winter months for all to bask in the glory of her moonlight.

Fleetingly the turning point of each day is the meet point of these two lovers; the sun and the moon.

Moon Cycle from new to full


The love affair of the sun and moon is 2 interconnected cycles. Within a year the moon glows full for the sun 13 times. The number 52 is the key. It’s the middle cycle connecting these two lovers. Within the number 52, we can see 26, 13, and 7 as children. Universal babies birthed from the love of the Sun and Moon.

Each cycle of life unlocks answers. The sun’s courage and the moon's compassion cross at 52. The Maya are about vision, intuition, and wisdom. It’s a personal journey that unites us to our cosmic rhythms. Star children and planetary elders from the vigesimal system. Birthing new cycles, destiny can be found in the next turning point.

“Of myths and cycles; numbers rule the universe.” Charan Singh Ajpu

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Quadrivium: The four classical liberal arts of number, geometry, music, and cosmology


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